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about Me

Jason Cardoza is a songwriter, educator, and worship leader.

Jason Cardoza has a passion to write songs for the Church that ultimately further the Kingdom of God, and enjoys co-writing with a variety of Christian music artists and worship leaders from different backgrounds and denominations around the world.

When not writing music, Jason focuses on learning and preparing for the private lessons he gives to other vocalists.

 Jason's latest single "Corazon Del Mar" was just released and had been in the works for over 3 years.

Jason Cardoza's latest album "The St. Annes' Sessions" with Awakening Worship was recorded live in various parts of Israel. Jason was also a pivotal part in "The Easter Album(live)" by Awakening Worship.

Artist Statement

I am a singer-songwriter, vocal teacher and will forever be a student of music. I have learned to express my deepest emotions through every melody and lyric. Every second is valuable to me in making sure each listener can take away something greater than they could've expected. I write worship music that is directed towards my God, but I also write about my personal life and all it's ups and downs. I am always looking to experiment with new techniques and various musicians, regardless of background. Music can truly impact everything and I genuinely believe you will find something special when you listen to my music!

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